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Dennis Baxley in the News!

Taking a Stand for Floridians...

Baxley likens Trump’s presidency to Reagan’s lifting of the American spirit at crucial time

By Larry D. Croom - June 19, 2018

Villagers for Trump founder David Gee quickly fired his members up Monday night by reminding them that when they meet each month, it’s actually a rally.

Amid cheers and raised fists, State Sen. Dennis Baxley kept that feeling alive as he took the stage to thank members for their support.

“Good evening patriots!” the District 12 state senator said as he grabbed the microphone. “Are you glad to get your country back?”

Baxley said he considers the past couple of years under President Trump one of the most exciting times in American history.

“My mind kept going back to Jimmy Carter as president,” he said. “We were waiting in gas lines. Double-digit, 18 percent interest. And we were being told we all needed to do without. And America was pretty much over.”

But having Trump as president is much like the days when Ronald Reagan was elected, Baxley said.
“We got a new day, it’s another morning in America,” he said. “There’s hope again. There’s a sense of future, a sense of excitement. And I’m glad to be here for it.”

Baxley, who has been married to wife Ginette for 45 years, said it’s important to him to help shape a better world ahead for his five children and eight grandchildren. 

“This is why we do this stuff, because we don’t know what kind of country we’re giving them,” he said. “I want them to have the America we were given.”

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