Senator Dennis Baxley

Meet Dennis Baxley

Florida Senator District 13

Proven Political Experience

Dennis Baxley is State Senator for District 13, which includes all Lake county and part of Orange county. Dennis has spent his entire adult life fighting for the strong conservative values we cherish. As a husband of 50 years, father, small businessman, and former Speaker Pro Tem of the Florida House of Representatives, Dennis has earned a reputation for standing by his convictions and fighting for what is right.

Committed to Conservative Value's

Dennis's commitment to serving his fellow Floridians helped him rise to the position of Speaker Pro Tem, the number two leadership position in the Florida House. He knows how to get things done in Tallahassee without sacrificing his integrity and values. His record of service continues in the Florida Senate, where he serves as Chair of Ethics & Elections, and as Alternating Chair for the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee while also serving on seven additional committees at the Capital as well.


Commitment to Education.
Commitment to Low Taxes.
Commitment to Seniors.
Commitment to Life.


Freedom to create opportunity and prosperity. 
Freedom to keep more of what you earn.
Freedom to enjoy Florida's abundant natural resources.


Commitment to God.
Commitment to Family.
Commitment to Constituents.

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