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"Dennis Baxley understands that family, freedom, and faith must all flourish to keep our state and nation strong."


The Values that Dennis Defends!

The Family Values that Made this Country Great are under Attack! Defending the Values of the Families of Florida is My TOP Priority!

Make Time Count!

Election Day is Coming and the Countdown has Begun. Make Your Voice Heard by Electing Me to be Your Voice in the Florida Senate once Again...


Though it's Free, a Great Price has been paid.

I will Protect the Freedom's that SO Many Brave American Men and Women have Paid with the Highest Cost to Defend!

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The Freedom of Religion is the Right of All Americans.

The Freedom of Religion is Guaranteed by the Constition and Dennis will continue his role in securing this right for future generations. We should be a Country to Pray with President Trump, not against Him!


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